What is Academic Background Filtering

Academic background filter refers to the decision of acceptance or rejection of an applicant based on academic background by the company conducting recruitment drives. Specifically, there are various ways of filtering like rejection of candidates not meeting certain academic qualifications at entry sheet level, holding briefing sessions only at specific universities, staggering the announcement of corporate briefing sessions as per the academic background, changing the participation structure of briefing sessions etc.

Especially, it is said that certain popular companies flooded with applicants, screen candidates with academic background to streamline the recruitment activities which seems to be rational. However, such discrimination of applicants as per academic background leads to image down and therefore no company announces that they adopt academic background filter.

In case of mid-career recruitments, in most of the cases work experience is prioritized over academic background. However, reality is that educational background is still considered a major criterion while recruiting fresh graduates who don’t have practical work experience but have the potential, which should be the base while hiring fresh graduates.