Job Board for Expats in Japan

The best way to find a job in Japan is to use a job site. Here are some popular job sites recommended for foreigners living in Japan and foreigners who want to work in Japan. Let’s make use of them to find a job.

Job Board List

Jopus Connecter – Reach out to foreign employees who work in the company before applying

Jopus Connecter is a recruiting site exclusively for foreigners operated by Goalist Co., Ltd. A foreign employee of the applicant company acts as a “Connecter” and provides foreign job seekers with job information and information about the working environment. Since you can consult with Connecter in English or your native language, you can attend the interview without any uncertainties or anxieties. We specialize only in jobs that want to hire foreign job seekers living in Japan or abroad, and new jobs are posted every day.

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Career Cross – One of the largest recruiting websites in Japan

Career Cross, operated by C. C. Consulting CO. Ltd, is one of the biggest recruiting websites in Japan and specializes in foreign-owned and global companies. The website regularly offers more than 5,000 job postings in sales, marketing, engineering, clerical work, and other skilled professions, many of which are characterized by their high pay. The site provides job hunting information and a variety of services such as creating resumes and building interview skills, on top of its scouting feature. This is a helpful website for job hunters who are looking to work for foreign-owned and global companies using their experience and/or language skills.

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Gaijinpot Jobs – The largest recruitment website for global talent

“Gaijinpot Jobs” is the largest recruitment website for global talent in Japan. It is operated by GPlusMedia Inc., a member of Fujisankei Group, one of Japan’s largest media groups. Approximately 750,000 users visit the website every month and over 470,000 resumes have already been uploaded. A wide range of full-time, as well as part-time jobs, which require English skills, are posted on the website. Registered users are offered a range of benefits, such as being able to send direct messages to employers and receiving job offers from them. It is a highly recommended websites for expats who are job hunting in Japan.

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“” is the largest job change website in Japan for bilingual talent seeking new opportunities with global companies. Over 3,270 employers and 540,000 job seekers, from over 27 countries, have registered on the website. Daijob has the maximum number of jobs posted and is home to the largest pool of registered bilingual and global IT-skilled talent. Registered users can receive direct job offers from companies for free and have access to useful information on a range of matters such as resume tips and interview skills amongst others. If you wish to find a job at a global company in Japan, why not register now?

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Jobs in Japan – Specialized recruitment website for IT workers living in Japan<

“Jobs in Japan” is a specialized recruitment website for expats working in the Japanese IT industry who are seeking new opportunities in Japan. It is operated by Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a service provider of the largest job change website “” for bilingual talent in Japan. Covering a wide range of engineering job roles in the IT industry, from web application developers to data scientists and SAP engineers, it is a recommended platform for IT skilled talents who are seeking opportunities with global companies in Japan.

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YOLO JAPAN – Job posting site that offers a friend referral system

YOLO JAPAN is a new recruiting website for foreign workers who work in and out of Japan. In addition to regular postings of part time/full time jobs, YOLO JAPAN lists postings that pay relatively high hourly wages for working as a market researcher for just a few hours of your day, or for just a few days at a time. Furthermore, its “hunter system” enables users to introduce jobs to their friends to get rewarded, and also to participate in research assignments with these friends. This is a helpful recruiting site for job hunters who wish to earn money efficiently in a short amount of time.

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Miidas – Register in 5 minutes and wait for interview invitations from more than 40,000 companies

Miidas is a job-seeking support app launched by the Miidas company in April 2019, a subsidiary of a major staffing enterprise Persol Holdings. In a mere 5-minute registration process, your work history will be sent to more than 40,000 companies, including major Japanese enterprises and popular overseas companies. Once the registration process is complete, you will receive interview invitations from companies interested in hiring you, saving a lot of time on screening. The app also calculates your market value as a job-seeker, based on the result of career changes experienced by other users with a similar job history and background to you. In addition to this, you can choose to set preferences for interview invitations, so the app is also recommended for those who are open to changing jobs once the opportunity arises. The app is available from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Rikunabi NEXT – the largest recruitment website for career change in Japan

リクナビ, Rikunabi NEXT, operated by Recruit Career Co., Ltd., is Japan’s largest recruitment website for those who seeks career change. It is used by approximately 80% of those who are seeking a new career in Japan, and it has been ranked No.1 in the number of successful career changes with high rate of full-time employee job posting at 90 %, and 85% of the posted jobs are exclusive to Rikunabi NEXT, so this is the website to register if you are considering a career change. Job postings are updated on every Wednesday and Fridays. There are also a variety of functions which are available to registered member only to make your career change activity more efficient, such as the function to receive new job postings via email by simply registering your preferences, and the ones that you can manage multiple companies you are interested at once, or save your resume data, etc., as well as a scout function which allows you to receive offers from companies. In addition, it has an attractive feature that you can register with the recruiting agents in the career change service industry at the same time.

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Rikunabi – the largest recruitment website for new graduates in Japan

リクナビ Rikunabi is the largest job searching support website operated by Recruit Career Co., Ltd. The website has the largest number of job postings in the industry and is used by many companies which are popular with job-seeking students including big corporations, famous venture companies and foreign-affiliated companies. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in Japan, this website is essential to register. Additionally, this website not only has a wide range of contents which are useful for the preparation of job-searching activities but it also holds events, which are ideal for the information gathering on job-searching activities.

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En TENSHOKU – one of the largest career change websites in Japan operated by en Japan Inc

エン転職 en TENSHOKU, operated by en Japan Inc., is one of the largest career change website in Japan. It has its strength in providing highly reliable job posts by thoroughly focusing on “job-seeker’s perspective”, which includes a staff interviewing the company directly and finding out the attractive points and difficulties and suitability, in addition to the comments from existing or former employees. Is addition, it offers a number of useful features to accelerate your chances of career change such as scouting feature which allows you to anonymously register your work history to receive offers from companies, e-mailing service that sends you job recommendations, or “interview preparation report” that gives you an idea of the interview details of the company you are interested. En Japan will support you for three years after you join the company so that you can use the website without worry even if you are new to the career change market.

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