Recruitment Agency for Expats in Japan

「Jopus Career」

“Jopus Career” runs both the “Jopus” website and the largest online magazine “HRog” in the recruitment industry. It supports international workers with their job hunting in Japan by utilizing its network with Japanese companies. The career advisors know inside and out about the Japanese job market and help job seekers find a company which fits their abilities based on the result of Jopus Career’s unique aptitude test. It provides total support with visa acquisition and Japanese learning, covering a wide range of popular job opportunities from IT specialists to office workers in enterprises and smaller companies.

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Recruitment website “ASEAN CAREER” is operated by NODE Inc., the only company in Japan specializing in recruiting personnel from ASEAN nations (Association of South‐East Asian Nations). A large number of job offers at Japanese companies, looking to expand their businesses, are posted regularly. Over 4,000 users have registered on the website. In addition, job offers at overseas subsidiaries of Japanese enterprises are included, making it a recommended website for workers seeking a job in ASEAN countries.

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“Nippon仕事.com” is an exclusive job recruitment website for expats living and planning to live in Japan, which is operated by Goodman Co., Ltd. The website offers wide-ranging and flexible jobs, including full-time and part-time positions around the Kanto region. Users are able to use their service completely free of charge, and benefit from receiving interview tips and support upon commencing employment with a suitable company. Furthermore, the website makes it easy to find and apply for jobs at companies which assist prospective employees to acquire a visa. If job seekers are not confident communicating in Japanese, consultation is also possible in English, Chinese and Tagalog.

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Jellyfish is an employment agency that has offices in Tokyo and Vietnam. The agency specializes in IT-related job referrals and has more than 16,000 registered users in the engineering industry. It also specializes in referrals to Japanese companies that actively hire foreign workers. After registering with the agency, the bilingual consultants put applicants at ease by offering comprehensive support until they start a new job.

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「Spring Tenshoku Agent(Spring転職エージェント)」

Spring Tenshoku Agent, an employment support agency, is operated by Adecco group, the No. 1 total human resources service in the world. More than 1,000 consultants who specialize in each industry are available. The agency practices the “Total Consulting” method, in which each consultant supports both the job seeker and the prospective employer, therefore reducing the possibility for an unsuitable match. The group has more than 5,100 branches in 60 international markets and holds a wide range of positions at foreign-owned, global, large- and mid-sized blue-chip companies, and more.

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