What to look for in a job search by company size

Some of you who are looking for a job in Japan may want to work at a large, stable company or at a small, medium, or venture company with a high degree of flexibility.

Depending on the size of the company, the salary, benefits, and working style will vary greatly. When you are looking for a job in Japan, it is important to have an idea of what kind of company you want to work for, such as whether you want a Japanese company where you will have many opportunities to learn Japanese or a foreign company where you can use your language skills.

Here, we will introduce various companies in Japan by type. We will explain the size of the company, the number of years it has been in existence, the advantages and disadvantages of working in a Japanese company, the degree of freedom of work, and other points that foreigners should be aware of when working in a Japanese company.

If you are looking for a job at a Japanese company, please use this information as a reference.

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