Sougoushoku: Regular full-time position with the prospect of promotion

Sougoushoku refers to a regular full-time position with the prospect of promotion. A person in a sougoushoku position is a potential future executive, as opposed to an ippanshoku position, which is an assistant position limited to general office work. It is usual that employees in a sougoushoku position are often asked to transfer to a different department or be relocated to another branch, accordingly with the section they are responsible for changing. On the other hand, the salary for a sougoushoku position is higher than that for a ippanshoku one. If you like to do office work at the same place in a steady environment, an ippanshoku position is probably the right one. However, if you don’t mind being transferred or relocating for work, and are willing to fully demonstrate your dedication in order to get promoted to be an executive at some point in the future, a sougoushoku position could be for you.

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