Howaito kigyou: Company with good working conditions

“Howaito kigyou,” literally translated as “white company,” is the antonym of “burakku kigyou”(black company). It refers to a company with good working conditions, including both physical surroundings and work culture. For instance, these companies offer a competitive benefits package and professional trainings to their employees. Howaito companies usually do not require workers to come in on weekends and holidays. Other characteristics of howaito companies include positive relationships among workers and a low rate of turnover. With working conditions being one of the key factors to consider in a potential employer, it is important for job seekers to research as much information as possible prior to accepting a position.

On the other hand, job seekers should understand that there is a difference between “good working conditions” and “rewarding work.” A challenging working environment is more desirable in some cases, when considering one’s professional growth. Based on his or her career direction, carefully deciding what type of company to work for is essential.

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