Hello work: Employment service center operated by the Japanese government

Hello Work is an employment service center operated by the Japanese government. Its main role is to help connect job seekers to companies in need of skilled labor. There are more than 540 main offices countrywide, and they serve as a safety net for people who become unemployed.

In addition to providing job seekers with information about job vacancies, they also offer employment consultation, interview training, and will proofread resumes at no cost. Moreover, Hello Work offices are the places to file unemployment benefit applications. Job seekers can also look for job postings on the Hello Work website.

Hello Work welcomes all foreign residents with appropriate work visas. They provide tailor-made career consultation and job postings based on the status of residence of the applicant. Furthermore, some Hello Work offices also offer services in languages other than Japanese.

In major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, there are offices that specialize in support for foreign residents.

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