Burakku kigyou: Company with terrible working conditions

“Burakku kigyou, or literally translated as “black company”, refers to a company with physically and mentally terrible working conditions. For instance, they make their employees work overtime every day and pay them a low wage for their duties. Other issues include not paying staff for overtime, or refusing to let them take any days off. Furthermore, sexual harassment and abuses of power may be rampant in these companies, leading to a high rate of turnover of staff. Such illegal working practices have become normalized at many of these kinds of companies. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the company you are going to work for is not one of the known “Burakku kigyou.”

There is a “Most Evil Corporations Award” to make the general public aware of corporations with bad working practices, and to help improve awareness about “Burakku kigyou” generally, with the hope of eradicating them completely.

[Reference]Most Evil Corporations Award

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