Recruitment agency

A recruitment agency is a company that acts as an agent, connecting job seekers and companies in search of appropriate human resources. Recruitment agencies operate based on a business model where success fees (commission) are received from the companies when they successfully hire registrants of the recruitment agency. Agencies usually deliver a set of free services for job seekers, from career counseling, recommending job positions, advising on writing resumes (CVs), setting interviews, negotiating work conditions, to arranging the starting date directly with the company.

It is a very beneficial service for smooth and efficient career transition, as the agency helps searching the job that best suits the applicant. All you need to do is to inform the agency your preferences. These services are also recommended for people facing career problems as the career advisors offer career counseling from a professional perspective on the career-change market.

There are various recruitment agencies, from small, medium, to large scale, and some are industry-specific or job-specific. At jopus, we recommend recruitment agencies that specialize in and support career changes for foreigners. Please refer to the page below if you are in search of useful information on recruitment agencies.

[Reference site] Recruitment agencies specialize in and support foreigners’ career changes

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