ご査収 (ごさしゅう; gosashū) means “please check the contents thoroughly upon receiving the sent materials.” 査収 (sashū) means to examine the contents carefully upon receiving materials and ご査収 is the honorific form of 査収, used when addressing someone of elevated status.

The term is generally used in business emails or written correspondence to ask the recipient to check the specific contents of attached files or materials.

「ご確認ください」(ごかくにんください; gokakunin kudasai) is also used commonly in the same context. The difference between the two phrases is asking the recipient to check the contents of the materials sent (ご査収ください) or to check if the materials themselves are sent (ご確認ください). ご確認ください means “to check that it is actually true [or there],” so one cannot use this term if there is nothing for the recipient to receive.


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