Hiaring : Hearing

ヒアリング(hiaringu; hearing)

In the business setting, a hearing means “to collect information by listening to what another person has to say.” Often, hearings are used to obtain information from informants about consumer needs. Access to such information during those meetings helps further sell or improve a company’s service. In Japanese, the spelling 「ヒヤリング」may show up, but it holds the same definition as「ヒアリング」.

Synonymous phrases to “hearing” would be “to interview” or “to ask for one’s opinion.”

A “hearing sheet” is a document that has questions one would like to ask or information one would like to obtain.

Example: 今日の訪問でお客様の要望をヒアリングし、打ち合わせの内容をヒアリングシートに記載しました。(During today’s client site visit, I conducted a hearing to understand the customer’s requests and wrote the meeting’s content on a hearing sheet.)