Apointomento:Appointment / Tereapo:Cold call

アポイントメント(Apointomento: Appointment)

An appointment is a reserved meeting or business negotiation with business partners representing other companies. The term is often abbreviated to アポ (apo) or アポイント (apointo).

Apo is commonly paired with the verb 「取る」 (toru; to take) and is counted by「件」 (ken; a counter for cases).



テレアポ (Tereapo:Cold call)

Tereapo is short for “telephone appointment” and is a call in which one makes an appointment with a potential partner or client who may find interest in the topic at hand. In most cases, calls to someone unknown are used for new businesses. This type of phone call is also called denwa eigyo (a sales call). In English, tereapo is a “cold call.”


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