「なるはや」(naruhaya) is shorthand for 「なるべく早く」(なるべくはやく; narubeku hayaku) and means “as soon as possible.”

“Naruhaya” is not an honorific expression and thus is not used with clients or superiors in the business setting. The expression is only to be used among colleagues. If you need to use this term with clients or superiors, use 「可能の限り早く」 (かのうのかぎりはやく; kanou no kagiri hayaku) or 「できる限り早く」 (できるかぎりはやく; dekiru kagiri hayaku) instead.

“Naruhaya” is convenient to use within one’s company, but it is also an ambiguous expression because each person’s subjective measure of time differs. For this reason, set a specific date and time when making formal requests. Reversely, if you are told 「なるはやでお願いします」(なるはやでおねがいします; naruhaya de onegaishimasu), ask the other person for a specific date or time.


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