Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)

Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)(みっしょん・びじょん・ばりゅー/ミッション・ビジョン・バリュー) Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) is a statement of a company’s aspirations, mission to be fulfilled, and concept of values.


ビジョン/びじょん(vision) is the company’s future aspirations and goals where the company aims to accomplish. ミッション/みっしょん(mission) refers to a mission for the company to fulfill and the significance of the company’s existence in society. バリュー/ばりゅー(value) is a judgmental standard and concept of values by which a company acts. It may be easier to understand that “mission” is the mission to be fulfilled in order to achieve “vision”, and “value” is the standard of thinking when conducting “mission”. Similar words include corporate identity, management philosophy and company mission statement. Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) is a detailed description of how these are classified into three categories. 例:新卒説明会では、ミッション・ビジョン・バリューについて詳しく説明をしましょう。

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