Ajenda ; Agenda/Gidai : A topic of discussion/Gijiroku : Minutes

アジェンダ (Ajenda; Agenda)

An agenda is a summary of a planned flow of events. These events are meeting topics for discussion (also known as gidai in Japanese). It is common practice to use a list or bulleted format to organize topics in an agenda.

Agendas can also be an overview of events at seminars, lectures, and presentations.

4.新商品の案内 以上です。

議題 (Gidai; A topic of discussion)

A gidai is a specific problem to be addressed during a meeting. Several themes can be found in a meeting agenda, all of which are gidai. In English, gidai is referred to as agenda, subject, or topic of discussion.


議事録 (Gijiroku; Minutes)

A gijiroku is a document that records what was stated during a meeting. It is common to organize the contents of a gijiroku according to the sequence of agendas or gidai. Being able to write a gijiroku is a fundamental business skill. One can further their understanding of specific problems or business operations through the process of writing a gijiroku. As a result, newly hired employees are often tasked to draw up a meeting’s gijiroku. The English word for gijiroku is minutes.