Q. With the expiration of my visa, when do I need to get a job offer by?

If an international student receives an offer/offers from companies after graduating an undergraduate/graduate school or a Japanese language school, he or she needs to change the visa status from “Student” to an appropriate one, e. g. “Special labor” and “Specialist in Humanities/International Services,” so he or she can work in Japan legally. This immigration procedure for change of status of visa may take up to two months. For that reason, the student must have gotten a job offer at least two months before the student visa expires. (Technically speaking, the student is able to stay in Japan for two months after the visa expiration date while an application for change of status of visa is pending.)

For example, it is best for a student to obtain a job offer by the end of the last school year in college if he or she wants to start working in April. The student should schedule his/her job hunting activities so that he or she has a job offer by January at the latest.

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