Q: What is the Certificate of Eligibility?

A Certificate of Eligibility proves that the relevant foreign national’s intended activity in Japan is valid and comes under a status of residence. This certificate also serves as evidence for some status of residence which requires him/her to fulfil the conditions for landing. By presenting this certificate at the time of the examination for landing, the examination procedures will be smoothly conducted. A “Temporary Visitor Status” for such purposes as sightseeing, visiting relatives and short-term business are excluded from this system.

An application for issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility may be filled out by a foreign national who intends to enter Japan by himself/herself or via his/her agent. For example, an agent for a foreign national who intends to work in Japan will be a staff member of the organization wishing to accept the foreign national. In the case of a foreign national married to a Japanese national intending to enter Japan, the agent will be the Japanese national who is the spouse of the foreign national.

A foreign national cannot enter Japan only with a Certificate of Eligibility. He/she needs to obtain the issuance of a visa at a diplomatic mission abroad by presenting his/her Certificate of Eligibility. The certificate does not always guarantee the entrance to Japan. His/her landing might not be permitted if his/her current circumstances do not satisfy the landing permission standards at the time of a landing examination.

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