Q: Currently I live in Japan with a Dependent visa. What are the necessary procedures to visit my home country?

Under the Special Re-entry Permit System, you can travel outside of Japan and come back if you return within a year of your departure date without applying for a re-entry permission. As long as you have your valid passport and resident card with you, it does not require any additional procedures.

However, when your status of residence expires less than a year after your departure date, you need to return to Japan before the expiration date. Once you travel outside of Japan under the Special Re-entry Permit System, it is not possible to apply for an extension of your permitted period of stay outside of Japan.

Moreover, when re-entering Japan more than 1 year after your departure date, the Special Re-entry Permit System will not be available to you so you will have to apply for a Re-entry Permit at a regional immigration bureau that has jurisdiction over your current home address.

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