Q: Can I get a job in Japan with a high school degree from my home country?

In Japan, to work in the field of translation, interpretation, language teaching, trade operation, engineering, etc., it is necessary to have the Engineer/Humanities/International Services visa status. To obtain this status, you need to have graduated from a university or graduate school, or completed a specialized curriculum at a vocational school in Japan.

However, even if these conditions are not satisfied, it is possible to get this kind of visa under a certain condition. Having work experience of 10 years or more is considered equivalent to having graduated from any of the aforementioned schools. Moreover, if you start your own business and work as a company president, or have any executive position, you need to have a Business Manager status visa. A university degree is not mandatory for this status, so even a high school graduate can obtain this particular status of residence.

Also, when planning to attend a vocational school in Japan, note that the types of jobs graduates will be offered are limited to the fields of work that match the specialized subject you studied. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of job you are looking to do in the future before choosing a school or course.

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