Around 10% of Companies with Less Than 1,000 Employees Intend to Hire More Foreign Students / Recruit Career Survey

According to the Job Hunting White Paper released by the major recruiting company Recruit Career, around 10% of companies with less than 1,000 employees answered that they are planning to employ more foreign students from the 2020 graduating class. Due to this, these companies expect to increase their overall employment.

The survey, which was about companies’ hiring goals, also had 60% of companies answer that their plans to hire more foreigners were about promoting diversity for their organization and talent. They were interested not only in technical and language skills, but also in promoting innovation and improving their ability to deal with different markets, among other things. Companies expect that increasing the diversity of their workforce will help them achieve these aims.

The survey also targeted companies who were not implementing plans to hire more foreign students. The most common reason cited was “We don’t have a good enough hiring structure to hire them” at 55.9%. While having hiring structures for foreign employees is important, and while the Immigration Control Act will soon be revised, the reality is that these companies currently don’t have the structures in place to hire foreign employees.

[Reference Site] Job Hunting White Papers 2019 Survey Released

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