Immigration Services Agency reveals positive stance on accepting skilled foreign workers

On July 19, the Immigration Services Agency released a document titled “Initiatives for the inclusive society and accepting incoming foreign workers,” which summarizes the background information and the agency’s policy on how to address the influx of migrant workers.

The document includes the agency’s current stance, noting that they will widely accept skilled migrant workers, and with careful consideration, will also accept non-skilled workers in certain situations.

The document also includes a section regarding the new residence status of Specified Skilled Worker, specifying 14 industries that suffer from labor shortages. In the next 5 years, the estimated maximum foreign workers will be 345,150 in 14 industries: 60,000 in elderly care service, 37,000 in commercial cleaning, 21,500 in forges and foundries, 5,250 in industrial machinery, 4,700 in electrical and electronic manufacturing, 40,000 in construction, 13,000 in shipbuilding, 7,000 in automobile maintenance, 2,200 in aviation, 22,000 in lodging, 36,500 in agriculture, 9,000 in fishery, 34,000 in food manufacturing, and 53,000 in food service.

There are also some sections explaining various support systems for migrant workers who wish to get set up in the country. If you’re considering working in Japan, this could give you a new insight into Japan’s current immigration policy, although it’s only currently available in Japanese.

[Website]Immigration Services Agency “Initiatives for the inclusive society and accepting incoming foreign workers”