Sony Global Education and Fujitsu Group Start Proof-of-Concept for Foreign Student Study Data Management System Utilizing Blockchain

Sony Global Education (a Sony subsidiary) is working with Fujitsu and the Fujitsu Research Institute on a study data management system that verifies the Japanese language class history and grades of foreign exchange students. They started their proof-of-concept of this system, which utilizes blockchain, on February 27th.

Two other companies are cooperating on this project – Human Academy, which works on Japanese language education for foreigners, as well as Edvec, a company that runs Nihongo dojo, an e-learning course for The Japanese Language Examination (Nihongo Kentei). The system uses blockchain to save and manage study data, such as study logs and grade information, as data that cannot be falsified.

The employment of foreign workers is expected to increase due to revisions in the Immigration Control Act, which will take effect from April 2019. Foreign workers and people who hope to study in Japan submit lecture and test results to educational institutions. However it can be difficult for educational institutions to verify the authenticity of class participation results. Therefore, it can be challenging for institutions to follow up on these submissions, which causes issues in terms of the language ability of their students after they arrive in Japan. This has also led to problems in supporting students in their search for jobs.

With this proof-of-concept, educational institutions can verify study certificates submitted by foreign workers and exchange students, as well as study data stored on blockchain. This allows them to better understand a worker or student’s language abilities. Educational institutions also aim to provide more effective language support with this system.

Furthermore, because the gathered study logs and grade information can be analyzed from various angles, they’re looking into trying ways to evaluate study attitudes and processes.

[Reference Site] Sony and Fujitsu Starting of Proof-of-Concept that Utilizes Blockchain to Manage the Japanese Class History and Grade Proof of Foreign Exchange Students

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