Jobs relating to overseas projects up by 33% from last year, according to JAC survey.

There is a lot of concern over a potential global economic slowdown due to trade friction between the US and China, but what is the current recruitment market situation like in Japan? According to the latest survey published by JAC Recruitment, a major agency supporting career change, it seems that the recruitment market related to overseas business is particularly active in Japan.

According to JAC, the number of overseas business staff recruited by companies from October to December 2019 has increased substantially by 133%, compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, there is a strong demand for highly skilled and capable job seekers for roles in industrial machinery, the automobile industry, chemistry, the construction industry, distribution and logistics.

Specifically, there is an increase in recruitment due to the introduction of IoT at overseas plants to improve productivity and strengthen monitoring. The new technological changes have also meant an increase in clerical positions dealing with international law to help manage the large expansion of international business within the internal divisions.

Moreover, due to the expected increase of talented foreign personnel being hired in Japan following the amendment of the Immigration Control Law that comes into effect in April this year, it is also highly likely that there will be an increasing demand for advanced foreign talent in the mid-career hiring market as well.

There are many more opportunities for people with strong language skills in Japanese, English, Chinese and so on at Japanese companies with overseas projects and ties, as the demand for such talent is increasing. As this demand is growing, why not seize the opportunity to take advantage of your language skills and go global in a new role.

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