Survey announces most popular internship companies for 2021 graduates

On July 26, Rakuten Minshu, a job-hunting and company review site operated by Rakuten, released the results of a survey ranking popular companies for internships conducted on students due to graduate in 2021.

Survey results show Nitori came first place. The company, which came third place last year, has gained more popularity by putting increased focus on its internship program. The program allows interns to experience a maximum of four industries, such as product development and marketing. When divided by industry, the banking sector shows Mitsubishi UFJ Bank rose from 53rd to 19th place, and Mitsui Sumitomo to 42nd from 85th place last year. The ranking of banks has improved, showing a considerable rise of more than 30 places and megabanks, which were stationary in the rankings, now show signs of recovery in both popularity and growth.

「インターンシップ人気企業ランキング」結果概要(総合トップ30)Overview of results for the ranking of popular companies for internships survey (top 30 consolidated)

Looking at the overall ranking, you can see Mitsui Homes has substantially increased its rank from 235th place last year to 34th place, while in two specific categories, “programs which give authentic work experience” and those with a “good corporate image” the company ranked first place. Also, Arrow Japan entered the ranking for the first time this year and stood in eighth place. A unique screening program that included an escape room game drew particular attention. Consequently, companies that have developed novel programs that involve some hands-on experience that focuses on growth opportunities have done well in the survey.

The top-rated 100 companies with rankings by “industry,” “academic major,” “gender” and “motivation” are listed on Rakuten Minshu’s special page, and could be helpful information during a job search.

For the survey, participants selected their top five preferred companies out of 400 possible options, indicating specific reasons for each choice. The ranking was compiled using a calculation method developed by Minshu. This survey was conducted online and at job-hunting events hosted by Minshu from April 4 to June 22, 2019, surveying 1,524 students due to graduate in 2021 who are registered Minshu members.

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