【Free】Goalist launched “Jopus Connecter”, the employment service which you can talk to foreign employees

The company Goalist, which operates “Jopus”,  will start offering “Jopus Connecter“, an employment service for foreigners who want to work in Japan, to speak with foreign employees before applying for a job, on June 1, 2021.

According to the Japanese government, the number of foreign workers is increasing every year, reaching a record high of about 1.72 million people in 2020. On the other hand, It is not easy for foreigners who are worried about Japanese to ask what they want to hear before applying for a job or during an interview.

This service is a recruitment service that allows you to consult the foreign employees of the company you are interested in before applying. A foreign employee of the company acts as a “Connecter” and provides foreign job seekers with information about employment and working environment. Even if you are not confident in Japanese, you can consult with foreign employees in English or your native language, so that you can have an interview without being misunderstood.

This is a recruitment service specialized for foreign nationals. We have positions that foreigners living in Japan or abroad can apply to. New listings are updated on a daily basis. Simply register your profile to view available positions and be seen by companies. There is a chance to get scouted when a company is interested in you. Also when you proceed with a Connecter consultation application from the scout email, you will be given higher priority for an interview. The service is completely free to use.

Job openings:

IT company hires fresh graduates in 2022
Occupation: IT Engineer
Language: Japanese level for daily conversation or higher, Business English level or higher.
Working place: Tokyo
Annual income: 2.53 million yen~
Conditions: University students majoring in IT / programming can join the company from April 2022
Other: Completely remote, 50% or more foreign nationals, overseas subsidiaries

Recruitment among IT companies
Occupation: Customer Support
Languages: Native Thai, Japanese & English at business level or higher,
Working place: Tokyo
Annual income: 3.16 million yen~
Conditions: native Thai language proficiency, Japanese language proficiency & business English or higher. Able to understand and communicate in English.
Other: Work visa support, nearly 20 registered foreign nationals and free uniforms

English school recruits vocational intermediates
Occupation: Lecturer (candidate manager)
Languages: Native English, Business Level Japanese or higher
Working place: Tokyo
Annual income: 3.00 million~ 5.00 million
Conditions: Those who are fun and have a team spirit, who like children and are educated.
Other: Working visa and active foreign nationals are supported
In addition, many jobs are also being updated. You can view all jobs after registration.

In addition, many jobs are also being updated. You can view all jobs after registration.

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