Suragadai Gakuen announces JPET, their new Japanese proficiency test

Surugadai Gakuen, a school corporation known for the Sundai preparatory school, announced their new Japanese Proficiency Evaluation Test (JPET) on February 12th, to start from May this year. The JPET is a new certification test to evaluate the Japanese language abilities for non-native Japanese speakers.

Surugadai Gakuen, who have developed this new test, has carried out Japanese language education for foreigners, particularly those working or studying in Japanese, for 31 years.

The exam will be a point based test, as opposed to a pass or fail type, and the score will range from 0 to 1000 points. Participants will be assessed on their ability to use real world vocabulary and expressions, as well as testing grammar and other areas of language ability, from basic hiragana reading skills, all the way to expert level kanji capability.

Since candidates will be able to take the test up to 11 times throughout the year, it will prove useful for higher education or job applications.

Furthermore, it will also be possible to use your JPET score as an entrance examination for businesses and schools, and it is also effective as a kind of mock test for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) at Japanese language schools, vocational schools and universities.

Japanese ability is often an essential skill to get a job in a Japanese company, and if you can objectively show that you have high level of Japanese proficiency the chances of finding employment will greatly increase.

Currently, there are only two times a year that you can sit the JLPT, whereas with lot more times throughout the year that you can sit the JPET, you can take it in preparation to apply for a new job or a promotion at shorter notice. You can also use it to test your improvement in Japanese language learning at more regular intervals.

If you are interested, why not apply to take a test from May this year?

[Reference] Suragadai Gakuen announces their new Japanese proficiency test, Japanese Proficiency Evaluation Test (JPET).