NIFTY Arbeit upgrades their app to be multilingual-compatible; supporting international students seeking part-time jobs

On September 20, NIFTY Lifestyle Co., Ltd. announced that their part-time job information app NIFTY Arbeit is now available in five languages in addition to Japanese; English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Nepalese, and Vietnamese.

When international students apply for part-time jobs in Japan, the companies they have applied for positions at are often not well-prepared for accepting non-Japanese students, and the students often end up not getting the jobs. So “NIFTY Arbeit” has installed a new function to avoid this kind of mismatch. When you set the language in the “NIFTY Arbeit” app to something other than Japanese, it will only let you see information about part-time jobs which are open for international students to apply for. Consequently, international students will be able to filter their job searches down to companies or shops which are more likely to hire them.

Currently in Japan, the number of international students continues to increase and hit a new record of 267,042, as of May 2017. Moreover, in line with their “300,000 Exchange Students Project”, the Japanese government has been deploying various efforts to achieve the target of 300,000 international students by 2020. It is expected that the number of international students will keep rising.

Furthermore, being severely understaffed throughout the country, more and more shops and companies are actively hiring international students. With this app now being upgraded to be multilingual-compatible, the pairing of international students seeking jobs in Japan and shops and companies looking for young global talent to hire may become smoother.

If you are an international student seeking a part-time job, why not make use of the upgraded NIFTY Arbeit app?

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