Kanagawa Prefecture and Kanagawa University Partner Up to Promote Internationalization – Through Foreign Student Support and More

On January 31st, Kanagawa Prefecture and Kanagawa University entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement to increase support for foreign students, as well as other activities, to further promote internationalization.

Kanagawa University is planning to establish a new department in its international division called the “International Japan Department.” They will also be setting up new campuses concentrated in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai area for 3 of its departments in its international division in 2021 – the Foreign Languages Department, the Management Department, and the newly established International Japan Department.

Minato Mirai is a coastal area in Yokohama that is being rapidly developed as a base for global business. Because of this, it also has many tourist spots including the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and Yamashita Park, and is the most advanced area in Kanagawa Prefecture.

This partnership has come about as Kanagawa University is planning to further promote internationalization. They will also be starting exchange groups with Japanese students to provide foreign students to improve their Japanese and learn details about the job hunting system in Japan. The university will also be promoting exchange opportunities for students and companies. This is all part of their efforts to provide more job hunting support for their foreign students.

Furthermore, Kanagawa University also has more than 100 partner universities and affiliate schools with over 30 countries and regions from across the world. Taking advantage of that vast international network while cooperating with Kanagawa Prefecture, the university can use the perspective of its foreign students to promote tourism that will better appeal to foreigners.

Yokohama has excellent access to Tokyo, and has popular tourist spots such as Minato Mirai and Chinatown. It’s one of the most popular Japanese cities for foreigners. With Kanagawa Prefecture and Kanagawa University’s partnership, Yokohama can be an even better place for foreign students to live and work in.

[Reference Site] Kanagawa University and Kanagawa Prefecture enter into a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement

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