Over 77% of students graduating in 2020 have already started job-hunting

Gakujo Co., Ltd., which runs the employment information website for new graduates Asagaku Navi 2020, reported that a recent survey found about 77% of students graduating in 2020 have already started job-hunting.

The survey also revealed that more than half of the students that took part in their survey have been developing concrete plans for job-hunting, whether that be participating in internships, conducting self-analysis using aptitude tests on job-hunting websites, or joining guidance sessions for job-hunting.

On the other hand, when asked about their motivation for finding a job, 30% of the students surveyed answered: “No matter what it takes I want to get a job!”, another 30% answered: “I do not want to push myself unreasonably to get a job in industries I am not interested in”, with a further 30% answering: “If the company I have joined does not meet my expectation, I will switch my job.” This indicates that the motivation for finding a job clearly varies among students.

It is crucial to start looking for jobs early in Japan, and quite a number of international students that haven’t started early have found it very difficult to obtain a job offer prior to graduating. Therefore, we strongly advise that international students graduating in 2020 start thinking seriously now if they haven’t done so yet, and proactively get themselves out there, picking up as much information as they can; some ways to do this include participating in internships or attending information sessions and job fairs.

[Reference]77.1% of new graduates in 2020 already started to prepare for job hunting.
[Reference]Asagaku Navi 2020

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