Companies and students are more actively communicating at the early stages of job hunting, as well as an expansion of expat recruitment

On September 26, major Japanese recruitment company MyNavi released the results of its 2019 New Graduate Recruitment survey researching companies’ recruitment activities and the job-hunting process and future prospects of students graduating in 2019.

According to the survey, companies and students are actively communicating in a variety of different ways at an earlier stage of the job hunting process. Participation in internships has become quite common as part of the job seeking process with 78.7% of students joining one and 48.6% of enterprises implementing them.

In addition, companies have set up opportunities to communicate with students early on through various activities such as career advisor sessions, open days at offices and factories, alumni visits to colleges and holding collaborative projects and industry competitions.

In order to prepare for the volatile future, companies are expanding employment opportunities at an unprecedented rate. not only for new graduates, but also to vocational school and high school students to seek outstanding talent. They also have been focusing on international students studying in Japan and university students currently studying in their own country abroad.

In order to get a job at a major Japanese company, it is important to think about participating in some of these various programs, such as internships, at an early stage. Try to start collecting information about such possible programs as early as you can if you want to work at a certain company.

[Reference]Mynavi announced “The summary of employment and job hunting for 2018 new graduates”

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