Survey indicates 64% of companies face labor shortage, 41% open to foreign workers

On April 10, DIP Corporation, the company behind such comprehensive job listing sites as Hatarako-net, published the results of a survey conducted on their users after the amendments to the Immigration Control Law. The survey asked their users questions regarding the current labor shortage situation, and views on the acceptance of more foreign workers.

The survey results show that 64% of the respondents said that they face a labor shortage. When the respondents were asked about the possible reasons for the shortage, 21% accounted for “employees being hired but unable to retain jobs,” which was the most common response. “Job vacancies due to retirement or transfer” followed with 19%, “no applicants in spite of posting vacancies” with 13%, and “unawareness of the labor shortage amongst workers” with 12%.

Do you perceive a labor shortage at your work place?Do you perceive a labor shortage at your work place?
What are the reasons for the labor shortage?What are the reasons for the labor shortage?

Subsequently, when being asked about the acceptance of more foreigners, 41% were in favor, with 43% being opposed to the idea. The main reasons for agreement include the perception that a significant number of workers would be available for the types of jobs or industries facing labor shortages (41%) and that foreign workers help ensure a motivated workforce (26%). Most of the respondents expected increased manpower and reduced workforce shortages.

外国人労働者受け入れ拡大に賛成か反対かDegree of approval towards increased foreign work force
賛成の理由Reasons for agreement

When being asked about the necessary conditions for accepting foreign workers, replies like “thorough training about differences in work rules and culture in Japan,” and “assigning colleagues and superiors who are globally-minded and offer pay compensations based on one’s abilities and not on racial differences” were given. These responses suggest the existence of considerate support to foreigners and a desire to eliminate the differences in the treatment of Japanese and foreign workers. On the other hand, respondents who were against the increased acceptance of foreign workers believed that foreign recruitment can be encouraged only after first securing jobs for Japanese people.

If we summarize the results of this survey, it is clear that those in favor of and opposed to the acceptance of foreign workers are roughly equal in ratio. People who support accepting foreign workers felt that there is a need for a proper work environment and support to accommodate them. On one hand, some believe that the problem of labor shortages can be solved, whereas, on the other hand, others are concerned about securing employment for Japanese people. With the increase in foreign workers, there will be new services coming. While streamlining the support system, trends will likely reveal how the best balance can be achieved.

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