Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd starts room search and support after occupancy services in Vietnamese

A leading apartment and condominium renting company Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd announced that they would start room search and post occupancy support services in Vietnamese from December 13. The company plans to enhance its support system to accommodate the increasing number of Vietnamese residents.

Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd is engaged in multilingual support with languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portugal since 2016 anticipating the increasing demand for rental housing by foreigners. With addition of Vietnamese language this time, total 7 languages are now supported by Daito Trust Corporation including Japanese.

As declared by Ministry of Justice in March 2018, the number of residing Vietnamese exceed 260,000 which ranks for third position following China and Korea, with highest rate of increase showing a rise of 31%. Moreover, Vietnam accounts for second largest foreign students following China. The number of Vietnamese students is expected to increase further in future.

Hereafter, Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd plans to promote Vietnamese language assistance for various types of support. Besides the Vietnamese support staff on duty at call center “eheya support center” that is operated by company to respond to phone calls, SNS messages etc., search in Vietnamese would now be made available from “eheya net” site meant for room search.

Moreover, if there are any problems or hassles after moving in, enquiries can be done on a dedicated application in Vietnamese.

When foreigners start living in Japan, finding a room for stay and related formalities is one of the challenges they face. Now, with the Vietnamese language support started by leading apartment and condominium renting company Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd, searching rooms has become easier for Vietnamese students.

Hereafter let’s hope that similar efforts are taken nationwide and an environment whereby foreigners visiting Japan can start their stay smoothly is made available.

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