NTT continues to top ranking of popular IT companies for new graduates

On May 14th, the company review and job hunting information site Rakuten Minshu (ran by Rakuten)announced the results of their “Ranking of Popular IT Companies for Job Hunting New Graduates.” The research was aimed at students who plan on graduating in 2020.

The top 5 companies in the general ranking were – NTT Data at 1st place, Rakuten at 2nd place, Fujitsu at 3rd place, Google at 4th place, and SCSK at 5th place. NTT has made it to the top spot for 10 years in a row, ever since the start of this ranking in 2010. As for why job seekers aspire to work there, many respondents said “stable employment” and “company benefits.”

「 IT業界新卒就職人気企業ランキング」結果概要(総合トップ20)Overview of results for “Ranking of Popular IT Companies for Job Hunting New Graduates.”

When the top 10 companies are broken down into different categories, web service companies take up 4 of the spots. Google (3rd place last year and 4th place this year) Rakuten (4th place last year and 2nd place this year), Yahoo (8th place last year and 6th place this year) have kept rising in the ranking. And LINE joins the top 10 in the 2019 ranking – it was in 12th place last year, and this year it made it to 9th place. There’s a tendency for companies with high name recognition for their company and services to be in the top 10. Respondents also mentioned high growth potential of companies as another factor, and in this favorable market for employees, this shows that job seekers have their sights on larger companies.

Following from last year, consulting companies and IT manufacturing companies are also well represented in the top 20 of the ranking. On the other hand, individual consulting companies also dropped in their rankings somewhat – Accenture came in 8th place this year (down from 8th), Nomura Research Institute was in 11th (down from 9th), and Abeam Consulting came in 19th (down from 17th).

Sky, a system integrator company, rose in the ranking to 12th place (from 15th). Respondents said that the company has “growth potential” and that they “can learn specialized skills there.” Since its first appearance in the ranking in 2017, Sky’s rank has continuously gotten higher. TIS, another company in the system integrator industry, rose from 16th place to 15th. As the social infrastructure of the internet becomes more important, there is an increasing number of students who feel drawn to the specialized skills and worthwhile job content that these positions can offer.

Web service companies and system integrator companies which were high in the rankings are even actively recruiting science students who are busy with research. These companies also endeavor to set up places where they can connect with candidates, so that they can deepen their understanding of the companies. These varied hiring methods seem to reflect the popularity of these companies.

This survey was conducted from November 2018 to April 2019. It was aimed at 3,131 registered members of the website Rakuten Minshu who are students planning to graduate in 2020.

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