What are the Best Companies for Female Workers? Career Connections Survey

The major company review site “Career Connection” published its “Ranking of Best Companies for Female Workers” on December 10th.

In this list, female users of the site ranked highly regarded companies based on 6 factors – “working hours,” “feeling of reward,” “stress,” “days off,” “salary,” and “how much the company values its workers.”

The financial institution Nomura Securities stood head and shoulders above the rest at 1st place. Many users who replied felt that they felt the company’s child care leave and nursing leave systems are well organized, and that female workers can be very active.

Japan Post Insurance came in 2nd place, with Starbucks Coffee Japan in 3rd, Recruit Holdings in 4th place, and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance in 5th place. The top 10 companies are listed below. Half of them are in the financial industry.


Recently the environment for female workers in Japan has become more favorable, with the passing of the “The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” and other similar laws.

The top companies in Career Connection’s ranking have several things in common. They all have systems with flexible working styles for employees, such as good systems for taking time off, and the ability to work from home and have shorter working days. They also allow employees to easily take advantage of these systems.

Companies that actively pursue the installation of nurseries and nursing rooms, and companies that hold seminars about position reinstatement and management promotion (among other forms of support) were also highly ranked.

For women who are job hunting, the above ranking and select points are excellent things to keep in mind when choosing a new company.

〔Reference Site〕 Company Review Site Career Connection Publishes “Ranking of Best Companies for Female Workers”

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