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JETRO launches a new portal site “Open for Professionals” facilitating jobs in Japan

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) on December 25, has launched a new portal site “Open for Professionals” to encourage highly-skilled foreign professionals to Japan. The site was launched as part of effort to promote employment and attract highly-skilled and expertise foreign professionals.

This newly launched portal site facilitates smooth immigration to Japan and provides information right up to employment. Foreigners willing to work in Japan can get information on universities and study in Japan, events or job-fairs for employment search, requisite procedures after securing employment, social insurance system after getting employed, and consultation service for learning Japanese etc.

This site is very helpful as the detailed summary of the process until employment in Japan is provided such as employment support programs by the Japanese government, information on Japanese language teaching, finding jobs in Japan, and companies actively engaged in hiring foreign recruits etc.

Moreover, there are plans to enrich the content further by providing information such as small and medium-sized enterprises interested in recruiting foreigners. A useful site for foreigners willing to work in Japan.

[Reference] Portal for promoting highly-skilled foreign professionals

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