Government support international students in finding jobs, with the aim of 50% employment rate in Japan

The government announced that they are providing support to international students with the aim of raising the rate of their employment.

According to the government, 65% of international students wish to work in Japan, but actual employment rate is only 37%. The goal of government is to raise the rate to 50%. (From “留学生の国内就職支援及び外国につながる子どものキャリア支援等について“)

The government mentioned that the lack of job information and employment for international students are the main reasons why there are students who can’t work in Japan. Also the government revealed that universities and the public employment security office have supported job-hunting for international students under the cooperative agreement.

International students are expected to participate in job-hunting in the same style as Japanese students, therefore it is important to understand the characteristic how job-hunting is conducted in Japan. Let’s get the information about job-hunting in Japan and proceed with the preparation.

[reference page] 日本は中国・ブラジル等の在留外国人の子供へのキャリア支援、就職率50%目標へ

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