Tokyo hold job-hunting seminar for foreigners who wish to work in Japan

Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners, which is run by Japanese government, will hold job-hunting seminar for foreigners who wish to work in Japan on June 10(Thu), 17(Thu), and 25(Fri), 2021.

In this event, there are 3 seminars with the aim to support job-hunting for foreigners. In the first seminar, you will be able to understand how to find the job, how to gather information. The second seminar will help you how to write the resume, and the third one will focus on the interview etiquette.
Both the first time job-seekers and those who are already working in Japan are able to participate in this event.

Date June 10(Thu), 17(Thu), and 25(Fri), 2021.
Location 13th Floor Yotsuya Tower, CO・MO・RE Yotsuya
1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Qualifications to Participate Those who can read and write Japanese
(The seminar is only available in Japanese.)
Contents 1. Job Hunting Start Seminar
Do you know how to find a job and how to choose a job in Japan? Let’s learn about the visa for working in Japan” and basic rules for Job-hunting!

2. Resume and self-introduction seminar
Do you prepare to write your resume and self-introduction to send to companies properly?
Learn how to write them for job hunting!

3. Interview seminar
It’s important to make a good impression at the job interview.
Let’s learn about the expression you should use in the interview and the interview etiquette.

How to apply Please contact at 03-5361-8722

[reference page] 就活ビギナー応援セミナー

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