Japan’s first three-month blockchain education program for foreign students

Jellyfish, the company that manages the Bridge Institute of Technology, a Japanese language school in Okutama that specializes in training international IT engineers, and blockchain business development company Issho announced on October 19th that they will start a three-month blockchain engineer training program for overseas students.

The Blockchain Education Program is a new program for 7 students studying at the Okutama Japanese language school, established to train up personnel to be able to play an active role in the blockchain industry.

In 3 months, participating students learn about blockchain technology starting with the basics, like the history and cryptographic techniques, and then advancing to hands-on practical lessons in blockchain technology implementations. On December 20th, the final day of the program, the students will hold a presentation demonstrating their blockchain powered final project model.

The Okutama Japanese Language School, where the program is available, opened in October 2017, making use of a building which had previously been a middle school. Entrants come through partnership with overseas upper-level science universities and are selected based on a comprehensive judgment of things like fundamental IT knowledge, programming skills, English ability, and vision as engineers.

Including Japanese language study, and engineer skills refinement in an immersive development environment, the curriculum is based on the aim of finding employment as an engineer after an 18-month program.

Presently, the need for blockchain technicians is increasing globally, with this trend expected in accelerate in the future. If you can acquire the development skills of services that utilize blackchain technology, your career possibilities will be broadened, not only in Japan but worldwide.

Although this particular program is quite a restricted one for a small number of students, it would be good to see more of such programs established nationwide.

[Reference]In October 2018, Jellyfish just started Japan’s first three-month blockchain education program for foreign students

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