3E-holdings launched the service which foreign people can learn Japanese and find the job

The company 3E-holdings, which handles HR services, launched the service “Jump Japan +”, a free portal site for foreigners living in Japan to learn Japanese and find jobs, on May 31 (Mon), 2021.

In this service, foreign people are able to learn Japanese online and find the job completely free. With the Japanese language learning service, you can study by your JLPT score. There are 167 videos in the service, and each videos is about 15 minutes, therefore you can study in your spare time.
Also, when you look for a job, you will get the service of interview guidance.

Service URL:

This service is recommended for foreigners who are not good at Japanese, but wish to work in Japan. If you are looking for a job in Japan, this service might be useful.

[reference page]【コロナ禍で就職難・帰国できない日本在住外国人を無料でフルサポート】外国人が完全無料で日本語学習と仕事探しができる「Jump Japan +」が5月31日にオープン!

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