Foreign nationals who have lost their job due to the negative economic effects of the corona virus

An increasing number of foreign nationals working in Japan have been laid off by their employers due to the economic impact of the corona pandemic. Have you recently lost your job, only to find that you are unable to take up part-time work to support yourself due to restrictions on your visa? Here you will find information on how you can change your of status of residence in order to search for new employment.

For foreign nationals with the residence status Engineering/Specialist in Humanities/International Services and have had their employment terminated, the following rules will apply:
(The following assumes the termination was due to factors not related to the employee)

1. For individuals who intend to find new employment
(1) You will be be able to remain in Japan until the expiration date on your residence status
(2) You will be allowed to take part time work not included by your original residence status
→ Upon presenting documents verifying termination of employment and that you are currently searching for work, you will be allowed to take work not included by your original residence status and work up to 28 hours per week (for up to 90 days after you have received this permit
(3) In the event that you are still searching for new employment when your original residence status expires
→ If you have continuously been searching for work, you will be able to change your residence status to “Designated Activities” (6 months duration).
→ Family members who are staying with you as “Dependents”, will also be able to change their residence status to “Designed Activities” and stay in Japan.

2. Foreign nationals who need to extend their stay to prepare for return to their home country
→ If you have a certificate of resignation, you will be allowed to change your residence status to “Temporary Visitor”.

*The above provisions require that you have shown good conduct and not violated the provisions of your residence status
*In the event that you are unable to obtain a notice of dismissal, you may still be eligible if you present a personal statement you have written yourself.

Our office can provide advice on whether you are eligible and can assist with the necessary procedures. Please feel free to contact us.

(Source of above information: Selection Guidelines by the Ministry of Justice, Chapter 12 – residence status, p. 15-17 (Japanese))

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After passing the administrative scrivener examination in 2006, Mr. Takeda opened his own administrative scrivener office in 2011. He is now an independent administrative scrivener and the representative of "Hiroki Takeda Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office", and undertakes about 400 applications for residence status (visa) per year. Currently focusing on leveraging his combination of extensive knowledge and experience in employment of foreign nationals and his expertise on visa procedures into relieving Japan's lack of talent.