Recruit Career to release an Augmented Reality Makeup service that offers 8 different looks for job-hunting

On February 26, Japanese consulting company Recruit Career introduced an Augmented Reality (AR) Makeup service for job hunting called Watashi Ni Ittari Shuukatsu Meiku, or “My perfect job-hunting makeup.” The project is a collaboration with Perfect Corp, a leading applications developer for beauty brands.

This service is based on the facial recognition technology from AR makeup app YouCam Makeup, which lets users experiment with various makeup styles using selfies. There are 8 styles to choose from in this service: “meek”, “active”, “intellectual”, “elegant”, “fresh”, “energetic”, “gentle” and “pure.” Users can not only try out makeup styles that best suit their facial features but also learn important tips on how to actually apply makeup themselves. This service is available on Recruit’s job hunting preparation support website Rikunabi 2020 until the end of September 2019.

Recruit explained the background behind this service, pointing out that students are often concerned about how to make a good first impression during job hunting and are in need of appropriate makeup guidance. Recruit started its AR makeup experience service with YouCam Makeup last year, and after starting to work together with Perfect Corp, the service has been updated to be more user-friendly.

If you feel reluctant to put on makeup in general, or are curious to know how the first impression you make can vary with different makeup styles, it might be a good idea to try this service and boost your self-confidence for your job search.

[Direct link for the service]Rikunabi 2020: Try 8 styles of makeup for job hunting with Watashi Ni Ittari Shuukatsu Meiku (My perfect job-hunting makeup).