Career perspective: 75% of students do not aspire to work in AI or IT

Recently, many jobs are expected to be more streamlined due to the spread and penetration of AI and IT. However, it is also said that some job types will gradually disappear because of this. How do graduates of four year colleges and graduate schools feel about building a career in the modern world, where AI is becoming more prominent?

The Japanese company My Navi decided to find out. On June 4, they released the results of a survey regarding outlook on careers in our AI world. The survey was aimed at 7,342 students of four year colleges and graduate schools throughout Japan who plan on graduating in 2020.

The results show that although some students feel unease about working in a world where AI is becoming more prominent, around 1 in 3 students expect that their work will become more efficient because of AI. Among AI and IT jobs, the highest amount of students aspired to become system engineers (12.9%), followed by programmers (7.8%) and IT Consultants (6.5%).

On the other hand, 75.4% of students surveyed answered that they do not aspire to work in AI or IT. This was true even for students studying science, which is closely related to those fields – 67.1% of male students and 81.0% of female students responded that they don’t aspire to work in AI or IT. Moreover, only 3.3% of students aspired to be data scientists, a position that has received a lot of attention lately. These results show a large gap between employers’ needs and the aspirations of students.

Furthermore, the 61.1% of students who aim to work in AI or IT were still confused about the standards regarding what level of programming skill companies ask for. This was the point they felt most confused about. Regarding this point, My Navi indicates that when companies recruit, they should clearly show the detailed job contents and required skills in order for students to better understand what the job is about.

The survey was conducted from April 24 to April 30 in 2019. It was aimed at members of My Navi 2020 who are 4th year students at four year colleges and 2nd year students at graduate schools who expect to graduate in March 2020. It was conducted in the form of a web survey, and 7,342 people replied (1,439 men and 3,701 women studying humanities, and 1,098 men and 1,104 women studying sciences).

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