Leverages’ Career Ticket Starts Job Hunting Support Service for Foreign Students

Career Ticket for International Students

Career Ticket has started a job hunting support service for foreign students of all nationalities residing in Japan called “Career Ticket for International Students (CIS).” The service launched on March 11th of this year. Career Ticket is run by Leverages, Co., Ltd.

CIS deals with recruitment matters that focus on industries that foreign students have a realistic chance of working at. It also has a good grasp on the situation for non-Japanese languages at all companies it works with, so the service can help students with only N2 or N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. CIS can also introduce workplaces that are suitable for graduates of all diploma types. This means the service is not only for graduates from four year colleges and graduate schools, but also for students who’ve graduated from vocational schools, junior colleges, and even students who have received education in their own countries.

CIS also employs full time advisers who provide counseling for foreign students in Japan. Foreign students can get a wide range of job hunting support at CIS. Not only can they learn more about the contents and finer points of Japan’s unique system of job hunting, they can also be introduced to jobs, get corrections on their resumes, and learn strategies to deal with interviews.

As for the reasons why Career Ticket started the CIS service, they mentioned that job hunting is currently difficult for foreign students. According to a public survey conducted by the company, the language barrier is one reason that job hunting can be difficult. Not only that, Japan’s job hunting systems, aptitude tests, interview manners, as well as dealing with the employment problems of individual companies can all be issues. Furthermore, graduates of vocational schools or junior colleges especially tend to find job hunting difficult, despite their specialized knowledge.

Career Ticket is helping foreign students find work, with their job hunting support service focused on foreign students, as well as their hiring consulting for companies. In September of this year, they will be holding a joint information session and a job hunting seminar for foreign students.

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