Participation in company related seminars is most influential for joining companies

Have you ever wondered about how college students searching for jobs get more information about the companies they already have job offers from? On May 30, Recruit Career published the survey results on this topic. From the survey results, you can see that the way a student gets information about a company makes a difference in how much they are persuaded to join that company.

According to the survey results, the most persuasive information is gathered by attending orientation sessions and seminars on each company or organization. 78% of people are satisfied with the companies after participating in such seminars. Subsequently, 74% of people are persuaded to join a certain company by attending multiparty company briefing sessions held by employment and career consulting companies, 71.7% through internships, 71.3% using job listing sites and apps, and 66.0% by looking at the homepages of the individual company or organization. On the other hand, the satisfaction level of people who didn’t do information gathering was about 50%, which was less as compared to people who did information gathering.

入社予定企業への納得度Satisfaction in companies that students plan to join (Information gathering: Separated by practitioners and non-practitioners)

Additionally, if we look at the recruitment rate for those with and without internship experience, there was a considerable gap at the beginning of job hunting, but in the end, there was not much difference.

就職内定率の推移Recruitment rate by the month(Separated by participants and non-participants of internship programs)

Other ways to get information include checking sites such as community pages of fellow students, reading online evaluations by employees, direct recruiting services like reverse recruiting or scouts, and social media. Also, some get information through information provided by colleges, magazines, and advertisements.

Whatever the means, the information you get ultimately helps you choose a company to work for. Those in search of a job can try finding employment by utilizing these methods to select the best suited company.

[Reference site] Survey on satisfaction at the time of joining a company

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