A Video Service is now available to learn Japan’s unique lifestyle and rules at work

Some of the people planning to work in Japan might not be aware about Japan’s unique culture and rules at workplace, and most of them might be anxious about the same. We would like to introduce this service that is highly recommended for such people.


soeasy Company Limited that operates a video SNS sharing service in alliance with Promotion of International Relationship Association(PIRA) has made an announcement of delivering contents in an easy-to-understand manner by sharing videos on day-to-day living in Japan and rules and manners to be followed at workplace for foreigners living in Japan. Initially they plan to start with 4 languages namely Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, and English. [Example: Indonesian version]

soeasy company operates a 15 second video community “soeasy” and training video SNS “soeasy buddy”. As of March 2019, “soeasy” already has 5000 plus videos on wits, manners, and rules on Japanese life.

Posts sharing Japan’s day-to-day lifestyle hacks like know-how on using automatic vending machines or bidets etc., are gaining popularity among foreigners and are watched by users of total 120 countries/regions.

To work in Japan, besides learning the language, it is equally important to understand the rules and manners unique to Japan. Besides watching videos posted by other people, how about posting and sharing your own experience?

[Website] 15 seconds video when in trouble soeasy
[Web page] Tool to strengthen organizational skills using AI and videos | soeasy buddy

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