JAPI and Japan Online School Start Free Japanese Video Lessons for Foreign Students Looking for Work

The Japan Association for the Promotion of Internationalization (JAPI), together with the Japanese language education company Japan Online School, has started a webcast seminar series aimed at foreign students who are job hunting in Japan. The series started on February 28th.

The courses are free and can be viewed on JAPI’s website OSHIGOTO.COM, a media site for foreign students in Japan, as well as Japan Online School’s Youtube channel.

The course starts with “Knowing about Job Hunting in Japan,” and it has four scenarios that viewers can learn from – “Orientations,” “Group Interviews and Discussions,” “Individual Interview (Regular),” and “Individual Interview (For Foreigners).”

The course specializes in the kind of language used for job hunting in Japan. Starting with the basics, it teaches foreign students the skills needed to succeed in their job search. It also comes with English subtitles, so it’s easy to understand words that you can’t catch in the videos. The course is supervised by Ms. Keiko Kawase, who serves as coordinator for job hunting support for foreign students at Yokohama City University.

For those who want to learn the specific terms used in Japanese while interviewing and job hunting, these videos could be quite useful.

[Movie Page] Video Job Hunting Course (Video Lecture) –
[Movie Page] Japanese for Job Hunting (Job Hunting Japanese Course for Foreign Students) – Introduction (Youtube)

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