Vietnam’s LCC Airlines “VietJetAir” starts service in Japan with first scheduled flight from Kansai to Hanoi

Vietnam’s largest low-cost carrier “VietJet Air” has started its service on November 8 in Japan with its first scheduled flight between Kansai International Airport and Hanoi.

This flight will be jointly operated with Japan Airlines and would be Japan’s first scheduled flight with one round trip a day between Kansai International Airport and Hanoi. The rates are very reasonable with 4,700 yen one way and a special fare of just 100 yen is also offered during the campaign period. Besides, the airline plans to start flight service between Kansai and Ho Chi Minh from December 14.

In recent years, the number of Japanese passengers visiting Vietnam are steadily increasing. In year 2017, the record was of 798,000 people which is closest to the record-high of 800,000 people. Besides the increase in business travel with remarkable economic growth of Vietnam, there are many World Heritage sites like Ha Long Bay and Imperial Citadel of Thang Long near Hanoi gaining Vietnam a strong popularity as a travel destination. On the other hand, an increase is seen in Vietnamese people visiting Japan with 300,000 Vietnamese visiting in 2017, which is 32.1% higher than the previous year.

VietJet Air would be the third airline after Vietnam airlines, and Jetstar Pacific airlines to start flight service between Kansai and Hanoi. Access to both Japan and Vietnam is further improved with an increase in number of flights between Kansai and Hanoi. With the recent launch of this flight we expect that many more people travel from and to Vietnam and Japan.

[Reference] Veitjet Air starts its first service in Japan from Kansai International Airport! ~7 flights a week to Hanoi. A total of 29 flights per week between Kansai airport and Vietnam ~

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