Rakuten Minshu’s Survey Announces Most Popular Companies for Job-hunting Female Students Graduating in 2020

On June 7, Rakuten Minshu, a company review and job-hunting discussion website operated by Rakuten Inc, released the results of its ranking of popular companies for job-hunting female students due to graduate in 2020. The objective of this survey was to offer new insights into job seeking for female students, and it is designed to evaluate companies from the standpoint of female advancement in the workplace, as well as the work-life balance. It will look at these factors based on the following indicators: dynamic responsibilities for new recruits, equal opportunities for married workers and working mothers, achievable work-life balance, and examples of successful female workers.

As for the overall ranking, cosmetics companies and consumer goods manufacturers were as popular as in last year’s survey. The top 4 were Shiseido in 1st place, Kao in 2nd place, Kose in 3rd place and Kanebo Cosmetics in 4th place, with 19 cosmetics and consumer goods companies, including these 4, occupying the top 100. General trading companies seem to be getting more popular, including Itochu (12th place last year; 7th place this year) and Sumitomo (144th place last year; 61st place this year). On the other hand, financial enterprises as a whole experienced a stagnation.

When it comes to companies that saw a big leap since last year, such as Kose (10th place last year; 3rd this year), CyberAgent (37th last year; 13th this year), Ryohin Keikaku (68th last year; 17th this year), and Ezaki Guriko (96th last year; 18th this year), their progress seems to be the result of their efforts to develop a nurturing environment for female workers, especially for working mothers who wish to balance both work and family.


This survey was conducted online and at job hunting events hosted by Minssu from November 1, 2018 to March 28, 2019, surveying 1,094 female students who are due to graduate in 2020.

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