Immigration Bureau supports its first network for multicultural society

On July 10, a new organization, Support for Foreigners and Multicultural Society Network, was launched by nine separate organizations that support foreign people in three Tokai prefectures; Aichi, Gifu and Mie.

This organization was established to address the expected increase in foreign population as the admittance of foreigners is becoming more prevalent, due to the implementation of the new immigration law in April of this year. With the support of the Nagoya Immigration Bureau office (one of the eight local offices in Japan), the network aims to share information among the organizations involved and to propose problem-solving ideas to the government. This is the first organization of its kind that is officially supported by the Immigration Bureau.

Kumiko Sakamoto, president of Aidensha, a nonprofit organization in Suzuka, Mie, has been appointed to the CEO position at Support for Foreigners and Multicultural Society Network.

[Reference page] Support Network for Foreigners in Tokai: First with Support from Immigration Bureau- Sankei News

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