Pasona to start Personnel Securing Support Service for foreign nationals from April

A leading Human Resource giant Pasona Group’s Pasona Company Limited plans to offer the “Personnel Securing Support Service for foreign nationals” that supports service right from acceptance of employment to securing job at one stop for companies employing foreign nationals from April 1, 2019 (Monday).

It is expected that the acceptance of foreign nationals with certain expertise and skills would increase with the new residence status established in the revised Immigration Control Act that would be implemented from April 2019. However, as the recruiting companies, the necessities like improvement of work environment to facilitate ease in work irrespective of nationality or reforms for awareness within the company or Human resource development policy etc. would increase more than ever and handling such necessities or preparedness might be challenging.

The Personnel Securing Support Service for foreign nationals utilizes the expertise of Pasona Group having 35 plus years of experience dealing overseas and provides various menus like procedure for obtaining residence status, life support, cross-cultural training to increase mutual understanding between foreign nationals and Japanese employees.

Moreover, introductory counselling can be provided for understanding and analyzing the current situation and problems of the company and customizing it to provide the best suited service for resolving the issues according to the company.

Although it is difficult to follow only companies employing foreign nationals, the menu includes various factors for securing foreign personnel like life support, cross culture training, community formation etc. Thus, it proves to be an assuring service for both the companies expecting foreign employees to work for long term and foreign nationals who are concerned about employment in Japan.

[Reference] Total support right from acceptance to securing job of foreign nationals who are expected to increase with “Amended Immigration Control Act” Pasona’s “Personnel Securing Support Service for foreign nationals” available from April

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